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Schultz Turismo
Operator Schultz, which has been working in the Brazilian Tourism sector for over 30 years, has a direct partnership with TZsystems and makes all its content available within its P.O.T.A.
Rodoviária Online
Today, with more than 100 vehicles to consult, the online bus station makes available for your P.O.T.A. the possibility of buying road tickets to over 4 thousand destinations.
Meu Câmbio
Allows your P.O.T.A. have quotation and online purchase of foreign currency. Offers paper money from 18 different foreign currencies and prepaid cards under Visa and Mastercard.

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Schultz TurismoRodoviária OnlineMeu Câmbio

Rua XV de Novembro, 270 – Centro
CEP 80020-310
Call: (41) 2109-6755 / (41) 2109-6756

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