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Technology for tourism.

TZ Systems
Technology for tourism!

TZ Systems was born to offer cutting-edge technology to the tourism market, offering the latest in systems and solutions to its customers.
Our goal is to help professionalize the tourism market, focusing on technology and ease of distribution of products and services.
It was with this dream that came TZ Systems, which aims to serve the tourism market, nationally and internationally.
With a team of experienced professionals, both in technology and in the tourism industry, we are delighted to see born and deliver every project that passes through our team.

Success Cases!

In addition to the P.O.T.A. platform, TZ Systems has already taken to the tourism market several products such as travel agency systems, applications and general solutions, check out some below.
Schultz Tourism
On the Schultz Turismo online platform, users easily access travel packages, with itinerary details, prices, tips and more. The site offers everything from travel packages to airline tickets and car rentals, among other products.
Vital Card
In the Vital Card website, the user can select the next travel destination, the date and number of travelers and already have the travel insurance quote instantly. In addition to the website, the company’s entire management system was also developed by TZ Systems.
The Tour Operator System is a system for tour operators, with administrative modules, products, operational, financial, commercial and marketing. It allows to manage sales and also has access for sales staff, suppliers and customers.
Gocoming is an application developed for the transfer operation sector. Gocoming lists the scheduled transfer services for the user and when a service is selected, the app displays the map with the location of the passenger and the driver in charge.
Tumlare Brazil is a renowned Tour Operator, and through the technology of TZ Systems, makes all its travel packages available online to other operators. Operating fully integrated with Tumlare Worldwide inventory.
Consular Visas
In addition to being responsive and contemporary, this digital platform allows quick access to relevant consular visa prices and content. Excellent for travelers hiring advisory services for issuing consular visas and passports.
Unimovi Transport
Every website and operating and financial management system was developed by TZ Systems. Friendliness, knowledge and availability are very important values for Unimovi and TZ Systems came to add with the company.
Schultz Portugal
The Schultz Portugal website is a project developed by TZ Systems. On the online platform, users easily access travel packages, with itinerary details, prices, tips and more.
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